Our Services

Aspect Market Intelligence will work with you to understand your buyers, competitors, and markets so you have a clear path for growth. We can help you…

Your customers are everything. The better you understand your customers and prospects, the more effectively you can target and serve them. We can help you get deep into the minds of your customers, so you can understand and serve them more completely. We’ll help you develop profiles of your buyers, detailing how they make decisions, how they speak, how they prioritize, what they’re willing to spend money on, and what their needs and challenges are. We’ll help you determine how to find more people like them, how to get their attention and keep it. In short, we can help get you closer to your customers.

Targeting, value proposition, messaging, channel. You have limited resources to find and acquire new customers, and a myriad of choices and channels. We can provide intelligence on where to find more customers and how to best reach them. We can help you distill exactly what your customers value about your company, how they think about your brand, and the key messaging and proof points most effective for you.

Competitive differentiation is consistently one of the top concerns of CEOs and marketers. Industries are becoming increasingly fragmented, and customers have more choices every year. And as the competition becomes more fierce, most companies have difficulty identifying exactly what sets them apart from their competitors in a meaningful way. It’s not just about understanding what your competitors are doing – it’s also about understanding what customers have to say about the range of options available to them.

Whether you’re looking to launch new products or services or simply improve your current offerings, market feedback is a critical component to setting your strategy. We can help you tap into customers to identify the sweet spot of what they need and what you can deliver. And, perhaps more importantly, we can help you understand the difference between the table stakes you’re expected to deliver and the key value drivers that customers are willing to pay extra for.

For most businesses, the ultimate goal is growth. Whether you want to find more customers, target new sectors, launch new products, or make an acquisition, you need information to help minimize risk and maximize the outcome. Understanding the full market context of these decisions is imperative to success, and will help you see the best path forward more clearly.

Businesses are drowning in data. Most companies are sitting on a gold mine of insights that few have the time to fully leverage. Whether it’s extracting insights from a single data source, or looking at multiple data sources in aggregate to develop a fuller picture, we have the analytical expertise you need. Better yet, we have years of experience condensing huge quantities of data down to a meaningful story – often captured in a single page!